Configuring ActiveSync on Windows Mobile for Exchange Push

I’m not certain how many of you will find this useful, but I had a question about configuring the Touch Diamond to talk to Exchange which I regrettably failed to notice.

It’s an interesting point of debate, now I come to think of it. When I got my Diamond the first thing I did was confgigure ActiveSync directly on the device. Whilst I do connect to my laptop from time to time, I don’t actually have any real sync going on between the two, other than possible for OneNote and Notes. How many people out there still use Outlook to sync their phone information if Exchange Push is available?

Anyway, back to the plot. To get this all going without using Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync, grab your phone and go to Programs via the Start menu.

  1. In Programs, find ActiveSync.
  2. In ActiveSync, select Menu and then choose Configure Server
  3. In Server address, enter the name of your Exchange server. This is the same as the hostname you use for OWA (e.g.
  4. If your server needs https rather than http, tick the option monikered ‘this server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection)’
  5. Tap Next and you will be asked to provide login information – username, password and the name of your Active Directory domain. Make sure ‘Save password’ is ticked or the automatic sync won’t work and you’ll have to enter your password each time you trigger a manual sync.
  6. Tap Next once more and you will be able to select what gets synchronised. I have an unlimited data plan and I hate losing stuff, so I tick every box – Contacts, Calendar, E-mail and Tasks.
  7. If you’re being clever at this point, tapping Menu will allow you to get to the advanced options, where you can configure how conflicts are handled and what connection to use (normally this should be ‘Internet’)
  8. Tap Finish and the phone should sync.

To make sure Push is enabled, where new items get sent to your device as they arrive you need to alter the Schedule,  which is an option on the main Menu in ActiveSync. Pick your options to suit your preferences. I would stongly suggest that you make sure ‘use the above settings when roaming’ is NOT ticked unless you have deep pockets!

As ever, I hope this helps somebody out there.

Life with a Diamond: nearly two weeks on

I said I’d post again once I’d had the Diamond a little while. It’s now been two weeks and I can honestly say I’m completely happy with it. Battery life for me is fine – I charge it about every three days and it chugs along with exchange push pretty much constantly. I am quite comfortable with the soft keyboard and I can honestly say I haven’t noticed any issues with the speed of the device either.

I don’t usually go for silly little apps on my phone, but I couldn’t resist this one. It shows just what you can do with the accelerometer. The force is strong in this one!

Touch Diamond Battery Life

In my last post about the Diamond I said I would let you know what the battery life is. I therefore carefully refrained from giving it any charge over the weekend, even when connected to my PC.

That means that it received no power from 5.30pm on Friday until it died (which it did, eventually).

After that time, exchange push carried on notifying me of email immediately on arrival until 8pm, after which it downshifted to checking every hour and continued like that for the rest of the weekend.

Weather updates are whatever the phone does as default. I think that’s every four hours or so.

Over the weekend I received a few calls and made a few. None were particularly long – a few minutes each. I also played a few games of teeter, and spent a good hour or so ‘playing’ with Live Search and Diarist, writing a blog post whilst I was at it. I also spent a good thirty minutes with GPS enabled whilst I showed off Google Maps and Live Search, and browsed the web for maybe ten minutes in total.

All in all, it was more or less my usual pattern of use for the weekend. To give you a frame of reference, my TYTN would go on charge every night. It would make it through the weekend, just about, but only if I charged it on Friday night.

The Diamond died sometime overnight Sunday/Monday. When I picked it up this morning the battery was flat. It was alive at 11pm on Sunday, and I checked it at 8am this morning. Whilst that kind of life isn’t great, it’s not bad. It’s certainly on a par with my TYTN, which I have used happily for the past eighteen months. I’ve not yet spent a day away from the office, but I have two such days this week and I will let you know how I get on.