BlogEngine.Net automatically tweeting on new posts

I sadly miss Twitter Notify, the plugin for Windows Live Writer that would tweet when I published a new post. Fortunately, there are a couple of plugins for BlogEngine.Net that purport to do the same thing. I’ve just deployed SocialPublish to our server. Configuration is a bit fiddly, and I’m not sure yet how well it will work with our multi-tennant structure. This is my first post after activation so I’m keen to see if it tweets when I publish!

Update: well, the first test failed. I’m going to use this post for testing and we’ll see if I can make it work!

Update: it turns out that the plugins uses the Twitterizer library to do the heaving lifting. The version of twitterizer2.dll in the plugin zipfile was too old  and didn’t work with the new Twitter API. We grabbed the latest source from the twitterizer github repository, compiled the dll and replaced the one from the plugin package and it now works fine!

Update: It looks like the plugin only tweets when you first publish a post, as opposed to if you unpublish/republish. Not a big problem, but worth knowing.

Update: integration also works, but you need to get the Legacy API key that can be found in the Advanced tab of your settings.