Why you should attend a Microsoft IT Camp

I’ve posted before about helping out at the IT Camps run by the Microsoft DX team. I’m a fervent supporter of them – they are hands-on days of technical content run by great people who know their stuff and, importantly, they are run around the country.

Next week will see me in Manchester with Ed Baker for the latest instalment. The current series of campus are two days with the first being around Mobile Device Management and the second around extending your datacentre into Azure. I’ll be there for day two to be Ed’s wingman as we take attendees through hands-on labs around virtual machines and talk about virtual networks, Azure Active directory and pretty much anything else Azure-related we get asked about.

Ed and Andrew really enjoy running the camps – they are a great way to talk to you, the customer, about how you use Microsoft’s services. I’m not backwards in coming forward with feedback about what works and what doesn’t in the MS stack and you shouldn’t be either. Unlike regular events, these are technical days for technical people by technical people and that’s what makes them so rewarding to attend and so satisfying to run. Those of us that are involved want the camps to continue and that means people like you need to turn up, enjoy the day and give feedback.

Go read more about them, get registered and come along. And you don’t even have to travel south to do it!

See you there.

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