Speaking at SQLBits 2015

We’re only half way through January and this year is already busy. I am really excited to be speaking at SQLBits this year!

SQLBits is a conference that various members of the Black Marble team attend regularly and rave about. It’s the event if you want to gain knowledge and insight into all aspects of databases and data management, reporting, BI and more. Microsoft are a platinum sponsor of the event this year and a whole heap of big names are flying in to present.

Why am I, an Azure MVP, speaking at SQLBits? I’ll be talking about virtual networks and virtual machines in Azure. Whilst not directly DB-related, it’s an important topic these days when designing the architecture for your application. Yes, there is the Azure SQL service, but that’s not always the right choice. Sometimes you want to run your DB on a VM. Sometimes you might even want to access data held securely within your organisation, even if your application is in the cloud. As a DB guy, knowing what options are available to you when designing your solution is important.

The Azure community and the SQL community shouldn’t be separate. Cloud is all pervading, but is not a universal fix all. Hopefully sessions like mine can make connections between the two groups for the benefit of all.

Did I mention how big SQLBits is? Go take a look at the agenda, packed full of great content. The run, don’t walk, to the registration page.

See you there!

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