Speaking at Designing Beautiful Windows Apps in Dublin

I’m really excited to be presenting at a one day event on Windows 8 application design in Dublin on Wednesday 26th September. I’m excited because Bill Buxton is delivering the keynote at the event and I’m a big fan.

I’m delivering a session snappily titled ‘From 8 to 88 inches: designing for everyone’ and I’ll be talking about the challenges posed by the incredible variety of devices Windows 8 will be used with.

If you are attending the event, come up and say hi. It will do me good to chat, because the event is being streamed live! I’ve never presented to the entire planet before, so I’m unusually nervous about it!

It promises to be a great event, and I’m pleased to be involved with our friends from Microsoft Ireland, with whom the Black Marble irregulars have run many events on a wide range of topics over the past few years.