My Boss has brought his iPad! Consumer devices in corporate networks

There’s a new term in town – Consumerisation of IT. All of us who work in IT should care about this because it’s going to have a deep impact on the approach many of us have taken when deploying services to our organisations.

I don’t profess to be a thought leader on this topic, although I find it interesting that I have been dealing with the ‘problem’ here at Black Marble ever since we started up many moons ago. I may well post more about what we deliver in terms of services and solutions within the organisation later, but this article is intended to drive your attention to two important places.

The first is Simon May’s great article that briefly summarises some of the technology that’s already out there to help you embrace ‘unmanaged’ devices that want to access your services.

The second is to make you aware of the consumerisation-focused IT Camps that Simon May will be running, with the help of a few of the usual suspects (and myself). Simon’s plan is to take the same approach as we did at yesterday’s virtualisation camp – hand-on, grab the technology by the scruff of the neck and fasten together an example solution during the day. I’m really excited about this, because the area covers such a broad range of technologies, including Network Access Protection (NAP), Threat Management Gateway (TMG), Unified Access Gateway (UAG), Exchange, Forefront, System Centre and more. The first of those events is in Newcastle. Sadly I can’t make that one, but I will be at the Manchester event on May 9th. Take a look at the event series – there should be ones in a city near you. Register quick, though – they are filling fast.

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