Places to eat on the South Bank in London

A set of conference posts wouldn’t be complete without a run down of the local culinary delights. We haven’t strayed far from the South Bank Centre for the past few days, but we’ve had a great variety of meals.

Wednesday night and Thursday lunchtime was Wagamamas. I love Wagamamas. There’s one in Leeds as well, and whilst Fuji Hero is perhaps more authentic, I just love the deserts at Wagamamas. I also have at least one of their recipe books, so I can try it at home! Busy though – we arrived just shy of seven in the evening of our arrival and the queue to get in didn’t really die down until after nine. The new teppanyaki soba is to be recommended.

Thursday night was Tapas at Las Iguanas – a latin-themed place. It was pretty good too, although if I’m honest I’ve had better tapas. It was really busy too – I guess that’s partly because it’s summer and the south bank is one of those places where people congregate, but be prepared to wait a while for a table.

Lunchtime today saw us in Ping Pong, a Dim Sum place down the stairs out back. That was great – a menu with loads of different dishes with helpful staff to walk you through ordering a range of really tasty dishes. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I’d really recommend it as a slightly different experience, and great for lunch where you might not want a huge meal. I also thing it’s a great social experience, as you can all order a dish you like and get others to try it, with all the conversation that will provoke!

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