Places to eat in Seattle: Marcella’s Cookery

Tonight we ate in a place we’d seen recommended by Sara Ford in her blog: Marcella’s Cookery. A fantastic little New Orleans-style eatery run by the eponymous (and very friendly) Marcella and her husband, Anthony. The food was fabulous, well cooked and happily discussed by the chef himself. Between us we tried a number of dishes and all were excellent. Anthony (the chef) told us that he moved to Seattle after Hurricane Katrina and I think it’s Seattle’s gain – we had a great time and I can wholeheartedly recommend the place.

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  1. Awesome. I’m so happy you tried the place and enjoyed the food! it’s actually Anthony that’s from New Orleans, and his wife Marcella is a Seattle native. Did you tell them hi for me? =D

  2. Thanks for the correction, Sara. I’ve updated the post. We did mention your recommendation, and I’m grateful for it – the barbecue shrimp were fantastic!

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