SharePoint 2007: Following Adobe Instructions Can Cause Problems

Having just spent a long time examining the state of a new farm we’ve been working on for demonstrations, I would like to issue a warning…

The Problem: None of the ‘New…’ menu items in our document libraries would work – we were seeing the error message:

‘Edit Document’ requires a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible application and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater.

The Solution: Correcting an error in the docicon.xml file which lives in c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\XML

The Cause: Adobe’s documentation for installation of the 64-bit iFilter. We copied and pasted the line from the documentation (yeah, I know, our mistake…) which reads:

<Mapping Key="pdf" Value="pdf.gif">

Note the lack of the trailing slash, as required by XML the world over. The line should read:

<Mapping Key="pdf" Value="pdf.gif" />

With some luck this will help others – I spent a long time searching the internet to no avail.

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