Browsers are like buses

You wait around for ages and then two come along, all at once! No sooner have I downloaded IE8 beta 2 than Google announce Chrome!

I’ve been using IE8 for a few days and I’m quite impressed. I’ve just downloaded Chrome and I have to say, it’s a darn good browser. The feature I most wanted from any tab-based browser and one I’ve mentioned before in the context of IE is present in Chrome – tabs you can drag between windows.

Anyway, I was planning to post in greater detail about IE8 and my take on the new beta 2. I think I might change tack a bit and play with Chrome as well. Don’t be fooled by some of the hype – some of the ‘cool features’ are not unique to Chrome, but more choice in the browser market can only ever be a good thing for the end user.

My one worry when the first rumours started was that they might have created yet another render engine. It’s interesting that Google chose webkit rather than Gecko, given their existing close relationship with Firefox. However, having more than one webkit implementation on Windows is a real benefit for testing.

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