Workflow and SQL Error: Part 3

As you may remember from my earlier post and subsequent follow-up, we have been seeing an issue related to workflows and the Workflow History list in SharePoint 2007. As I’ve already mentioned, the case is with Microsoft and I also said that I would post updates as new information arrived. Today, more detail has emerged and, as promised, I am sharing.

Whilst replicating the fault today we were having trouble – one of us had a SharePoint install that failed every time and the other had one which would not fail at all. Whilst looking at possible differences we realised that the failing site was a publishing site and the non-failing site was a team site.

After some testing, I can now report that the fault I have described only occurs when the SharePoint Publishing site feature is enabled (note, the site feature, not the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature). If you’re not using a publishing site you have nothing to worry about from the problem we see.

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