Site Policies and FBA in SharePoint: Update

My apologies to Craig, who posted a comment to my earlier post about our FBA problems and I didn’t notice until today.

To update you all on the situation, the fault is still with Microsoft and I have not yet received a hotfix.

However, for anybody considering FBA in their deployment, I would not let this issue stop you. There are two reasons I say that:

  1. Normally with FBA you would extend the web application in question, having both FBA and Windows authentication available on the same content via different URLs. This makes your life easier with things like indexing and management.
  2. The workaround I detailed is a good temporary solution to the problem with only minimal impact on the user experience (in that certain options are offered which may not work too well in Office when using FBA).

Hopefully this answer’s Craig’s question and assuages any doubts about the wisdom of deploying FBA in your SharePoint solution.

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