All my active personal projects are now stored on Github

You can find specific projects in the following locations (including legacy ones).

VSTS/TFS Extensions

The following extensions can be installed on VSTS or TFS 2015.2 (or later) via the VSTS Marketplace 

Generate Release Notes
Generates a markdown release notes file based on work items associated with a buildGithubMarketplace
Pester Test RunnerAllows Pester based tests to be run in a buildGithubMarketplace
StyleCop RunnerAllows a StyleCop analysis to be made of files in a buildGithubMarketplace
Typemock TMockRunnerAllows TMockrunner to wrapper MSTest, allowing Typemock test to be run on a private build agentGithubMarketplace
Manifest VersioningAllows the versioning of DLLs, DacPACs, APPX and VSIX packagesGithubMarketplace

Visual Studio Add-ins and templates

The following items are add-ins or templates for Visual Studio

Parameters XML GeneratorA Visual Studio add-in to generate a parameters.xml from a web.config file for use with MSDeploy.GithubVS Gallery
MsTest Wrapper for nUnitT4 Generator for MsTest Wrappers For nUnit Tests, it dynamically creates MsTest wrappers for nUnit tests at build timeGithub


Other VSTS/TFS/Visual Studio projects

 The following projects are TFS related but not packaged as extensions (yet)

VSTS Service Hooks DSLPython based DSL that allows the easy scripting of actions when a TFS/VSTS Service Hook Alert is receivedGithubGithub and Marketplace

TFS API Scripts

A selection of Scripts using different TFS/VSTS APIs are available in this Github repo


Other projects

 The following projects are other projects, not specifically related to TFS

StyleCop Command LineA command line wrapper for StyleCop so it can be called from the command prompt for PowerShell scriptsGithubGithub

In-active projects

 The following projects are not activally being developed

TFS Alerts DSLPython based DSL that allows the easy scripting of actions when a TFS Alert is received (Moved from CodePlex)(Superceeded by VSTS Service Hook DSL)GitHub
GUI TesterAn attribute based library to aid the testing of user interfaces (Moved from CodePlex)GitHub