Since the Summer of 2015 I have been storing any slides and samples for my public presentations on a GitHub repo, feel free to download them. 

The following are recordings of presentations I have made. Hopefully all the links are still active, but remember the external sites are not under my control

FinOps on Azure PodcastPodcast 2024Guest with Mike Stephenson discussing where FinOps meets DevOps
Microsoft and GitHub DevOps Forum: DevSecOpsWebcast 2022Guest speaker at Microsoft/Gitub event speaking on 3rd party security scanning
How can I automatically create Azure DevOps Release Notes & how can I publish themDDD 2020Creating release notes with my Azure DevOps extensions
Swapping my Azure DevOps Pipeline Extensions release process to use Multistage YAML pipelines.Webcast 2020Tips on migration to Azure DevOps Multistage YAML
Introdution to GitHub ActionsWebcast 2020A delivered at DDD14
'Living the Dream' real world DevOpsWebcast 2017Rik and myself on DevOps with VSTS and ARM
RadioTFS Episode 136Podcast 2017Rik and myself with Greg on VSTS news and DevOps 
TechStringy Podcast - InterviewPodcast2017My views on the current state of DevOps 
A whistle stop tour of Visual Studio Team Services and DevOpsCh9 Video 2016Overview of DevOps with VSTS
Dev/Test in the Cloud with Azure and FriendsMicrosoft TechDays Online UK2016Dev/Test in the Cloud using Azurer DevTest Labs
RadioTFS Episode 117RadioTFS Podcast 2016A chat with the presenters on all things TFS
MVP Panel session - DevOps Technology in a Windows WorldWinOps Conf 2016 A panel discussion of DevOps Tooling. with Ryan Yates, Ed Wilson, Elton Stoneman and myself 
How are you going to deploy that? A look at configuration as code Note: You have to register/login to be able to view this content, but it is free to access. The link is to the event site's home page, it is not a deep link to my sessionMicrosoft TechDays Online UK2015
Visual Studio Team Foundation for EveryoneMicrosoft UK TechDays2012Using TEE to extend the reach of TFS beyond the Microsoft eco-system
Unit testing in VS2012MVP Rocks UK & Eire2012Using Test Explorer and TFS build to support different unit testing frameworks
Virtualisation of the Test EnvironmentMicrosoft UK TechDays2011Using TFS2010 Lab Management to manage testing environment for manual, automated and load testing.
Using Typemock Isolator to speed the development of SharePoint Web PartsTypemock webinar2011Showing how you can use Typemock Isolator to speed the development of SharePoint Webparts
Putting some Testing into your TFS Build ProcessMicrosoft UK TechDays2010An end to end demo of using Microsoft Test Manager 2010 with Lab Management to build, deploy and automatically test an application
Putting Some Testing Into Your TFS Build
(If stream does not work try NDC2010 Sessions Torrent)
NDC2010Another version of Tech Days session, I recommend the Tech Days version as I had to use a video as opposed to real kit in Norway as I was flying
Developing Testable Web Parts for SharePoint
(If stream does not work try NDC2010 Sessions Torrent)
NDC2010Showing how you can use Typemock Isolator to speed the development of SharePoint Webparts
Making Manual Testing a Part of Your Development Process
(If stream does not work try NDC2010 Sessions Torrent)
NDC2010An demo of using Microsoft Test Manager 2010 to manage manual testing of software
Using Typemock Isolator and Ivonna for unit testing the UI-2010The title says it all
Making the SQL developer one of the family with Visual Studio Team SystemSQLBits2009An end to end demo of using the database development features in Visual Studio 2008 (basically the same process for VS2010)
How Black Marble uses Typemock Isolator-2009The title says it all