ALM Ranger’s release DevOps Guidance for PowerShell DSC – perfectly timed for DDDNorth

In a beautiful synchronicity the ALM Rangers DevOps guidance for PowerShell DSC has been release at at the same time as I am doing my DDDNorth session ‘What is Desired State Configuration and how does it help me?’

This Rangers project has been really interesting to work on, and provide much of the core of my session for DDDNorth.

Well worth a look if you want to create your own DSC resources.

Beta release of the ALM Rangers Unit Test Generate VS Extension

With Visual Studio 2012 have you missed the automated unit test generation tools that were present in Visual Studio 2010?

If you have then the ALM Rangers have produced the ‘Unit Test Generate VS Extension’. The first beta of this is now available on the VSGallery.


Why not download it and try out so you can provide feedback to the team?

ALM Rangers ship more guidance

Yesterday two new ALM Ranger projects shipped, practical guidance on the use of Microsoft Fakes (which I worked on) and for Team Foundation Server (TFS) Disaster Recovery avoidance, planning and step-step recovery walkthroughs for the worst case scenarios.

Also updates for the Coded UI test tooling guide and the TFS Upgrade guide were released..

For more details see below to follow the links to the Ranger blogs and CodePlex to download the materials.

  Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes v1 eBook

Contains practical guidance for migrating to and unit testing with Microsoft Fakes. Walk-throughs allow you to navigate basic and advanced concepts, giving you a comfortable and confident start in implementing Microsoft Fakes as a mocking solution. The eBook PDF format will be complimented with other eReader formats, i.e. MOBI, in an upcoming update as part of our new content and style dog-fooding adventure.

Team Foundation Server Planning Guide v1.1
featuring new sections on Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Planning, allowing you to spot the “smoke” before you are confronted by a “raging fire”.

Test Tooling Guide (Coded UI) v1

Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guide v2.1

Visual Studio 2012 RTM and the ALM Rangers SIM Ship best practice guidance

Overnight Visual Studio and TFS 2012 became available on MSDN for download; I really pleased to say that the ALM Rangers also SIM shipped all our 2012 guidance at the same time

I have been working on two of the Ranger project for the past year and have to say I have learnt a lot working with such a great crowd of Microsoft and external TFS experts. Some stuff I learnt was about the 2012 release it is true, but there was plenty on working with a a globally distributed team with a whole host of logistical and time constraints.

It has been a blast, but there is still more to do. Keep an eye open for supplementary ranger guidance releases in the next few months, but for now why not download and read the released guidance and do the hands on labs. I really do think they will answer many questions you have about TFS.

ALM Rangers sim-ship guidance with the VS11 RC

I am really proud to have been involved in the team of ALM Rangers who have SIMultaneous-SHIPped best practice guidance with Visual Studio 11 RC, which became available last night.

I am sure anyone working with Visual Studio and TFS will find the guidance of value, I have certainly learned a lot whilst helping produce the material. It has been a great experience working with a great crowd of people both inside and outside of Microsoft.

Visual Studio