Agile Yorkshire – December Lightening Talks

December’s Agile Yorkshire, on the Tuesday, 11 December 2012, will be Lightening Talks covering a range of agile topics and be held at a new venue The Round Foundry Media Centre.

Submissions for Lightening Talks are still arriving so the precise agenda may change but proposed topics included:

  • Visual agile assessment for improvement
  • Continuous Integration
  • Agile Interviewing
  • Difficult conversations
  • Time management
  • Refactoring using the Mikado Method
  • PowerShell
  • Agile testing
  • Burn up charts
  • Multi-team, multiple kanban board problems.

For more details and registration see the event site


This event is at a new venue, The Round Foundry. It has plenty of free (evening) parking right in front and is 5 minutes walk from Leeds train station. The Midnight Bell pub is also next door

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 from 18:30 to 21:00 (GMT)

The Round Foundry Media Centre
Foundry St
LS11 5QP Leeds
United Kingdom
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Jan 2012 Agile Yorkshire meeting – An Extreme Hour

Agile Yorkshire is kicking off the New Year on the Tuesday Jan 10 at Old Broadcasting House, Leeds where the subject will be Extreme Programming(XP). The session will be based around an Extreme Hour: a hands-on XP project miniature with no coding experience required. Then off to be pub to continue the chat.

Unfortunately I cannot make the session, but I am sure it will be interesting, especially if you have not tried an Extreme Hour.

Gojko Adzic is presenting at the next Agile Yorkshire meeting on acceptance tests

February’s Agile Yorkshire is on the 8th. The session will be given by Gojko Adzic on ’Long term value of acceptance tests’ I have seen Gojko speak at a number of events, including Agile Yorkshire, he is always an engaging speaker so well worth the effort to attend. I know I am going to give it a go, but have been really struggling to make Agile Yorkshire as Tuesday nights are a bit busy of late. My diary is just too full!


November Agile Yorkshire meeting “William Hill Agile Case Study”

The title of the November Agile Yorkshire meeting (on Tuesday the 9th) is "A case study exploring how agile methodologies were used to help change the way sports are traded at William Hill forever.". As usual this is a free event and is hosted at the Old Broadcasting house in Leeds starting at 6:30pm and I am sure people will go to the pub afterwards.

I have to go to Edinburgh that day to present at a Microsoft ALM event (still space available if you are in the Edinburgh area) and I doubt I will be back in time. A shame as this subject looks like a very interesting one.

For more details look at

Thoughts on the Software Craftsmanship 2010

I have reached my hotel after the days events at Software Craftsmanship 2010 at Bletchley Park and got a chance to write up my thoughts. I had planned to Tweet during the day, but just never got round to it, too busy.

So how was the event? I have to say I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as last year’s event. That is not to say this was not a good event, but this years seemed to focus on hands on programming tasks. This is great but I always feel that I could have been doing this at home, or in a dojo session in the office (not that I do this  oftan enough). Last year the sessions were more Randori Kata format and the group discussion this engendered I found very useful. I think conferences like this are probably at their best when they open your mind to new technique and ideas; yes coding kata can do this, but I feel that a conference needs to focus on the meta level of ‘why do this kata’ and how to ‘best run a kata’ and leave the actual kata sessions to usergroups meetings.

Maybe there should be more sessions on the discussion on how to best evangelise software craftsmanship. Today‘s event was full of people who have already decided a craftsmanship approach is the answer for them and our industry, the big question is how to bring more people with us, especially the group who don’t attend conferences, user group or even try to keep up with current trends. I suppose it is down to all of us who do attend such groups to spread the word, so why not get down to your local group and help improve our industry, if you are in Yorkshire why not try Agile Yorkshire next week? If you can’t make why not try setting up a lunchtime coding dojo – there are loads of ideas out there on the web.

Next weeks Agile Yorkshire meeting: Some things about testing that everyone should know, …… but were afraid to ask, in case somebody told them.

It is Agile Yorkshire time again, it is a real shame that due to the move of the meeting from the 2nd Wednesday to the 2nd Tuesday I really struggle to make the events. Particularly irritating this month as this one look really interesting and the speaker, Ralph Williams, from past evidence always is entertaining. To quote the Agile Yorkshire site the session will..

“The presentation will focus on the techniques that testers use to identify their tests, whether working from a requirements specification or on agile teams.

Agile testing books mostly focus on the agile aspects or the technology so this area often gets glossed over. The main sections would be:

    • Equivalence Classes and Boundary Conditions
    • Decision Tables
    • Classification Trees
    • User Focused Testing

There will be a group exercise looking a how these techniques can be applied to the testing of a well known website.

As a group we will go through the process of identifying the testing that is required and in the process explain various test techniques that might be useful to people back in their day jobs.”

For full details see

Speaking at the West Yorkshire BCS meeting on Agile Methods

After my comments on the QDD session at a past BCS meeting I have been asked to return and speak at the West Yorkshire BCS meeting on the 30th of June to give an overview about Agile methods.

This will be very much a management overview for people who are unaware of Agile methods, hence I will touch on XP, Scrum, Crystal Clear and Kanban and try to compare and contrast.

But, If you can’t wait to find out about Agile, why not come to the next Agile Yorkshire meeting on the 8th?