Announcing a Global DevOps Experience venue at Black Marble


In past years, pre Covid, Black Marble hosted a venue for the Global DevOps Bootcamp, a community run in person hackathon event.

After a short hiatus, I am pleased to be able to say this event has a successor, the Global DevOps Experience which is being run on the 15th of June at many venues around the world, including Black Marble’s offices.

Global DevOps Experience

What will be involved?

The Global DevOps Experience is a day full of learning and fun, as we immerse you in the world of DevOps and AI. You will learn about the latest trends and technologies, and work in a team to solve challenging exercises based around a realistic business scenario.

  • Learn about the latest trends. We will offer you an environment to learn about the latest technologies and trends.
  • Get help. We make sure you don’t get stuck. It is all about learning and fun, so proctors will be around and the system will guide you.
  • Work in a team. We will make sure you are able to work together in a team of peers.
  • Learn about GitHub. Experience a fully provisioned GitHub environment and see how you can benefit from all its features.
  • Explore the use of AI. Both within the develop tools, and from a developer point of view.
  • Have fun. Most importantly, have fun by working together on challenging exercises.

How do you get involved?

As this is a free event, all you have do do is register for the Black Marble venue and turn up on the day.

Or, of course, you can register for any other venue around the world

Hope to see you on the 15th