Loading drivers for cross-browser testing with Selenium

Another post so I don’t forget how I fixed a problem….

I have been making sure some Selenium UX tests that were originally written against Chrome also work with other browsers. I have had a few problems, the browser under test failing to load or Selenium not being able to find elements.

Turns out the solution is to just use the custom driver start-up options, the default constructors don’t seem to work for browsers other theran Chrome and Firefox.

Hence, I not have helper method that creates a driver from me based the a configuration parameter

  internal static IWebDriver GetWebDriver()
        var driverName = GetWebConfigSetting("webdriver");
        switch (driverName)
            case "Chrome":
                return new ChromeDriver();
            case "Firefox":
                return new FirefoxDriver();
            case "IE":
                InternetExplorerOptions caps = new InternetExplorerOptions();
                caps.IgnoreZoomLevel = true;
                caps.EnableNativeEvents = false;
                caps.IntroduceInstabilityByIgnoringProtectedModeSettings = true;
                caps.EnablePersistentHover = true;
                return new InternetExplorerDriver(caps);
            case "Edge-Chromium":
                var service = EdgeDriverService.CreateDefaultService(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), "msedgedriver.exe");
                return new EdgeDriver(service);
                throw new ConfigurationErrorsException($"{driverName} is not a known Selenium WebDriver");