And more enriching the data available in my Azure DevOps Pipelines Cross Platform Release Notes Task

I have today released another enrichment to the dataset available in my Cross Platform Release Notes Azure Pipeline Task. It now returns an extra array of data that links work items and commits to build artifacts.

So your reporting objects are:

Array Objects

  • workItems – the array of all work item associated with the release
  • commits – the array of all commits associated with the release
  • pullRequests – the array of all PRs referenced by the commits in the release
  • The new one – builds – the array of the build artifacts that CS and WI are associated with. Note that this is a object with three properties
    • build – the build details
    • commits – the commits associated with this build
    • workitems – the work items associated with the build

Release objects (only available in a release)

  • releaseDetails – the release details of the release that the task was triggered for.
  • compareReleaseDetails – the the previous successful release that comparisons are being made against

Build objects

  • buildDetails – if running in a build, the build details of the build that the task is running in. If running in a release it is the build that triggered the release.

Note: To dump all possible values use the form {{json propertyToDump}} this runs a custom Handlebars extension to do the expansion

It is important to realised that these arrays are only available using the Handlebars form of templating. You can find sample here