VSTS becomes Azure DevOps

Today Microsoft made a big announcement, VSTS is now Azure DevOps.

The big change is they have split VSTS into 5 services you can use together or independently, including Azure Pipelines for CI/CD – free for open source and available in the GitHub CI marketplace.

An important thing to note is that IT IS NOT JUST FOR AZURE.

Don’t be afraid of the name. There a wide range of connectors to other cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud, as will as many other DevOps tools

Learn more at have a look at the official post

4 Replies to “VSTS becomes Azure DevOps”

    1. Well yes, the name is not perfect, but hard to see a better option. Microsoft DevOps or anything Visual Studio DevOps has problems too with the way the market would respond. I know the VSTS (sorry Azure DevOps) team have considered the the name long and hard.

      1. I’m not sure it was necessary to change at all, especially with the great name that Visual Studio Code has built for itself. I actually think they’d have been better using the GitHub brand, although not yet.

        If they want to use DevOps in the name, I hope they have plans for expanding the tooling to include all the other things that you need for DevOps that VSTS doesn’t include, just like when they used to try to push the similarly incomplete “DevOps = System Center” story.

  1. Your guess is a good as mine on that last point.

    As to the branding it step seems to be to give a naming model that allow ‘clearer’ segmentation of the parts of VSTS to be used on their own.

    But I don’t work in marketing, never going to get the intricacies of branding policies

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