Major new release of my VSTS Cross Platform Extension to build Release Notes

Today I have released a major new release, V2, of my VSTS Cross Platform Extension to build release notes. This new version is all down to the efforts of Greg Pakes who has completely re-written the task to use newer VSTS APIs.

A minor issue is that this re-write has introduced a couple of breaking changes, as detailed below and on the project wiki

  • oAuth script access has to be enabled on the agent running the task


  • There are minor changes in the template format, but for the good, as it means both TFVC and GIT based releases now use a common template format. Samples can be found in the project repo

Because of the breaking changes, we made the decision to release both V1 and V2 of the task in the same extension package, so not forcing anyone to update unless they wish to. A technique I have not tried before, but seems to work well in testing.

Hope people still find the task of use and thanks again to Greg for all the work on the extension