Windows 8 RP and my Lenovo W520

I tried to install the Windows 8 CP on my Lenovo W520 with no success as I posted about in the past.I was only able to install Windows 8 CP only if I disabled the Nvidia graphics card and just used the integrated Intel controller. This was of no real use as I need dual monitors.

With the release of Windows 8 RP I though I would try again.

The first attempt failed with the same problem, it hung detecting devices. I check the BIOS and noticed I was set to discrete only (the Nvidia setting). I knew the RP should work on the W520 as other at the office have got it working. So I changed the BIOS to Nvidia Optimus (the auto swap system between Intel and Nivdia) and tried again – and it worked. So this is the first post from Windows 8.

Now to find drivers for the other devices in the W520

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  1. Thanks a lot! I'm owning the same model … update the post please if you face any other issue especially the driver part 🙂

  2. I have the same laptop and install issues. Unfortunately changing to nvidia hasn't brought success. Not yet anyway. I'm trying again having disabled every device I can in the BIOS.

  3. Disabling everything and switching to nvidia got a successful install of the release preview. I've since re-enabled everything and it is still working across reboots. Thanks for the post!

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