Thoughts on the new Skydrive

I have swapped to the new version of Microsoft Skydrive, replacing my old Mesh setup. It is a nice slick experience, allowing easy viewing of files on Skydrive from Windows and WP7. However, I do have couple of issues

  1. I used Mesh to sync photos from my Window 7 Media Center up to cloud storage as a backup, don’t want to loose all the family photos due to a disk failure. This was simple with Mesh, just set up a sync. This is not so easy with the new Skydrive, which appears only as a folder in your user area. The only solution I can spot is to copy my photos into this folder e.g. xcopy d:\photos c:\users\richard\skydrive\photos. Once the copy is done this will be synced up to the cloud. With mesh if I added a file to my PC it sync’d without me doing anything, now I need to remember the xcopy (or whatever sync copy tool I am using), or have the copy being run on a regular basis via a timer.
  2. Letting Skydrive start automatically on a laptop Windows PC is dangerous. I was on site today using my Mifi and in about 10 minutes used a whole days credit. So I would recommend changing your tool tray setting to make sure you can see the Skydrive icon all the time, so you have a chance see when it is syncing and can stop it when on a connection that cost you money.


So any comments, or better ways to do the sync?

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  1. I'm thinking about the same thing… A couple idea I'm thinking about. 1) Moving my Pictures folder to my SkyDrive folder. That way the OS treats my Pictures folder the same, yet it all sync's to SkyDrive too. 2) Using this tip,, to create a directory junction from my Pictures folder to a SkyDrive folder 3) Schedule a robocopy task to keep local pic's akd skydrive pic's in sync. Robocopy's mirror feature would rock for this. This way it's not something running all the time, you can control when it runs, yet have some nice flexibility in the execution. Also you could also use this same task to sync the same folders to another cloud drive location too, like Google Drive…

  2. I used SyncToy for quite a while. I liked it, but I'm pretty sure it's a 'toy' in that Microsoft have dropped it and moved onto Mesh, which became Live Mesh, which they'll end up dropping in the move to SkyDrive. It seems they've been throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks, and like Google, they've come to the conclusion that Dropbox had it right all along! I too am currently using Live Mesh to Sync photos, music etc. I do think that cloud storage is the way to go, since both machines must be on at the same time for Live Mesh to work. I just need to decide which service to go for. There is now a choice of Ubuntu One, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. Yikes! The battle to grab our digital hoarding is on!

  3. As an update I have dropped SyncToy and just using a robocopy command run nightly on a timer to do the sync

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