Tempted by the new Kindle?

I am back on the should I buy a Kindle train of thought. Todays announcements are certainly interesting, I am not talking so much about the new Kindle Fire, but the new entry level version and the Touch. For me the tempting feature is still the E-Ink and battery life.

The point is I have got used to reading on my phone, a Kindle might be easier on the eye, but it is more kit to carry, and I just don’t think I want to carry any more things.

2 Replies to “Tempted by the new Kindle?”

  1. The Fire is only available in the US and the ‘$79 Kindle’ will magically cost £89 in the UK. Hmm… Not sure about the touch – it certainly looks good.

  2. Richard, I own a Kindle3 bought last year, and I’m really satisfied of it. Sadly enough, the new version of kindle that costs $79 is only for usa because it has advertising on it, but even at £89 it worth the price 🙂

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