The slow slide to a paperless life

I posted in the past about my though processes on getting a Kindle, they boiled down to to

  1. Why do the books cost virtually as much as paper edition when the author gets no more royalties and the production/distribution costs as far lower?
  2. I don’t want an extra device to carry about

Well I have been using the WP7 Kindle Client to read free classics and actually buying current novels. When I finished my first purchased novel, it was virtually automatic to go and buy another. No going to the bookshop or waiting for Amazon to deliver.

The reading experience, even on my LG phone was fine. I actually found I was reading more, as my phone is always with me (the novel would have been a bit bulky at 800+ pages).

So I think I am a convert to the format, but I did not really doubt that. It is now whether to get a Kindle itself to make the experience even better. Maybe as the read a home device, but keeping my phone for the quick read at the railway station.

One Reply to “The slow slide to a paperless life”

  1. As somone who bought the kindle before using the reader on my phone, I would recommend getting the kindle (now that prices are down). I love being able to read a few pages on my phone when I don’t have the kindle handy, but for a long read, I really enjoy my kindle.

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