Rebuild of GUITester

I have eventually got round to rebuilding my GUITester on Codeplex for VS2008. I must get round to looking to see if a similar declarative test markup system has any mileage for XAML. Something was talking about at in the spring – how time flies.

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  1. Cool, I’ll have to take a closer look 😉 I can see it would solve some of the problems with something like Project White, finding which controls to use, however how does it work when your using 3rd party components which have multiple controls which you don’t have access to.

  2. Ben, the reason I have not done much on it for a while is though the idea works, I found what was testable was limited. Too often what a button does is too complex to define using attributes. But I think the idea has mileage for the less complex end of smoke testing

  3. Ben, At this time it associates attributes with controls, now these could be user controls and I suppose 3rd party ones. I have not tried it will 3rd party controls that make multiple controls but I suspect it will be a similar problem to referencing controls inside panels in AJAX. If you have an example I can have a look

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