I was at SQLBits II in Birmingham yesterday, a great venue and great sessions. I particularly enjoyed AndrĂ¡s Belokosztolszki’s session on transient data in SQL, giving an insight on when as a developer it is appropriate to use different techniques to manage data.

My session on Visual Studio for Database Professionals seemed to be well received. However, I did sense some resistance from people (who I assume were DBAs as opposed to developers) who did not like the idea of a world where DB schema control is not done from within SQL Management studio, but with a revision controlled off line environment. Maybe some DBAs don’t want to be part of the larger developer family on a project?

I have uploaded my slide stack to the Black Marble web site, and a copy will also appear on the SQLBits site soon.

I must finally again give my thanks to the organiser of SQLBits for all their work in making this event such a success