Vista high CPU on startup

For a while I have been suffering that when I switch on my Acer Core2 Duo Vista laptop, both cores sometimes go to 85%+ utilization, so the PC is slooooow. Usually after a few reboots it seems to clear. This can happen after a resume from hibernate and complete restart; there was no obvious pattern. Task manager only says that the load is due to the NT Kernel process – so not much help there.

After a bit of google’ing I found other people reporting the problem after installation of Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1, which I did months ago Interestingly I have only seen the problem is recent. However, as soon as I went into the network protocol stack and disabled the network monitor protocol on my WiFi card the problems have gone away.

My guess is some strange race condition caused by a recent service patch; this not a major problem as you can switch the protocol on and off as required without a reboot.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Had the same problem where the ndis.sys!NdisInitializeWrapper +0xc3 was consuming all the CPU and memory. I thought it was related to an Intel Driver issue as noted in this post – However, I did not find a permanent fix until I disabled the Network Monitor Protocol drivers in the Network Adapter Properties as you noted. Just to be safe, I also uninstalled Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1. Thanks again

  2. Thanks. I encounter this problem yesterday, & I was struggling to find out the cause but only I read your posting. Thanks once again for sharing this.

  3. Thanks a lot from Czech Republic. I had the very same problem, just uninstalling Microsoft Network Monitor 3.1 helped. I have installed that tool only because of curiosity as well and never used.

  4. Thanks a ton, you saved me a couple of hours that i don’t have tracking down this issue.. 🙂

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