Empty Reports with the eScrum Template

After I installed the eScrum template everything seemed fine bar the reports, only the work item report showed anything, in fact on the other reports their parameter combo boxes were empty. The key difference is the workitem report is drawn form the SQL DBs, while all the other reports are drawn from the OLAP warehouse cube.

If you connect to the SQL server and run the command

select * from dbo._WarehouseConfig where id in (‘LastPRocessTimeStamp’,’RunIntervalSeconds’)

it should tell you when the last update from the SQL DB to the OLAP Cube happened. In my case it was days ago, before I put eScrum on the system, hence the empty OLAP based reports.

So I ran the tool on Eric Lee’s blog that allows to to force an update. After checking the TFS server’s application event log I saw that this had caused the Warehouse Controller Application to start and an update occurred. Why it had not started before I have no idea.

One to keep an eye on.