Developing Software for the future Microsoft Platform

Richard and I attended the event Developing Software for the future Microsoft Platform, where we saw Chris Anderson & Don Box’s Lap Around Longhorn, it was very entertaining. A series of very interesting demonstrations of WinFS showed how powerful a file system could be. Bill Gates gave the closing session, which provided an interesting insight into the industry.
This was followed by the London Bloggers dinner at Masala Zone with Chris An & Don Box.  However, we had to leave early Рto catch our train back to the frozen north Рnot as a reflection on the food & company, which were both excellent.


BM-Bloggers is open!

Well this is the first posting to our new BM-Bloggers site. What is BM-Bloggers, it is a blog shared by the all the developers of Black Marble to comment on the development world as they see it. Hope you find it if interest.