Bond, James Bond in Canada

The James Bond 40th Anniversary Exhibition is now in Canada, Science World in Vancouver to be exact.  Black Marble continues to contribute to this touring exhibit, check out our website soon for more details!

AI for Games

Black Marble have completed work on the AI for Games project, with the School of Informatics at the University of Bradford.  This Microsoft-supported project was instigated to teach students about AI with an interesting and unusual approach.  Black Marble adapted Virus and Terrarium for use in lessons, and by all accounts the students benefited a great deal from the course, as well as enjoying it immensely!

More details on our website soon.

Terrarium Academic & The Virus Game round up

The Game Servers have run over 250,000 games during the duration of the AIFG course. We have also produced a Pocket PC version of the virus game and there are already plans for a second version of the Academic Terrarium.


Students Get bitten by Bugs

Feedback on the AI for Games module at the University of Bradford has been excellent, with some students reporting it their favourite part of the curriculum. The favourite part has been producing bugs for the Academic Version of Terrarium.


End of Conference

Last night we had the end of conference meal, followed by a group (Peter Drayton & Ian Palmer) of us playing TransAmerica into the wee hours.  The presentation was well received despite Peter overrunning 🙂


Poor Lunch , Great company

The food for Wednesdays evening meal was not the best, however the company was very interesting. I talked with Paul Rhodes and Peter Cowling from the University of Bradford and Peter Drayton who is on the Rotor team.


Machine Learning

I have just attended a very interesting talk by Christopher Bishop (MSR Cambridge ) about Machine Learning. He covered “Super-resolution enhancement of pictures” which is adding information to an image using an offset image or human determined perspective. Intelligent Edit and Removal of information from pictures and face tracking. I highly recommend attending a presentation by him. The features discussed will be present in a soon to be released Microsoft product.


Black Marble at Microsoft Research Academic Days in Dublin

We are currently in sunny ( it’s raining ) Dublin for Microsoft Research Academic days. I have met up with Peter Cowling, Paul Rhodes from the University of Bradford and our Talk for Friday on AI for Games has been finished so we can relax and enjoy the conference.



Microsoft Research Conference, Dublin

Black Marble was invited to present alongside the University of Bradford at a Microsoft Research Conference in Dublin. Robert Hogg of Black Marble presented with Peter Cowling of the University of Bradford, on the Use of Viruses and Bugs to Teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programming using C# .NET.