The History of Computing

Black Marble took a trip down technology memory lane with a visit to the National Museum of Computing.  Black Marble proudly sponsor this important organisation – which is showcasing the pioneering work of the first computer developers who cracked the Enigma codes right through the growth of the personal computer to the present day technology boom.

Kevin_NMOC_Sep2009 During our visit to the museum, volunteers Kevin Murrell (far left) and Bob Jones were kind enough to give us a behind the scenes tour, as well as an account of Colossus (right) – one of which is now operating in the world’s first computer centre.



Rob_Shelves Black Marble staff survey the archives … BM_Shelves

If you would like to help the work at the National Museum of Computing, please visit their website and select Donate.

Breaking the Code

As part of Black Marble’s day of celebrating our computing history, we visited Bletchley Park – home of the historic site of Station X , the base of British codebreaking activities during World War II and birthplace of the modern computer.

A conservation area since the early nineties, the Park was saved just in time from demolition as the secret story of Britain’s codebreakers was finally made public.

Bombe_Front The Trust have rebuilt the Turing Bombe, developed by the man credited as being the father of modern computing – Alan Turing. AlanTuring

Like the National Museum of Computing that shares the site, the Trust receives no government funding and is regularly looking for sponsorship to maintain the historic site for future generations.  Black Marble supports the work of the Trust and would encourage other technology companies in the UK to do the same – simply visit their website and select Donate.

Two great places to eat

Want to know where to eat if you happen to be in the Reading area?  A recent Black Marble visit to Microsoft at Thames Valley Park led us to try out two great restaurants.  The first, the London Street Brasserie came recommended by a couple of ‘Softies and provided wonderful food right in the heart of Reading.  Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, good location.

On our way out of Reading on our journey home, we came to another eatery that I can wholeheartedly recommend – The Hind’s Head at Bray, one of Heston Blumenthal’s places, and I am a big fan of his work.  This time we persuaded another couple of ‘Softies to join us … the hardship of working with Black Marble!

My meal started with tea-smoked Salmon followed by a chicken, ham and leek pie with thrice-cooked chips ending up with a trifle … mmmmmm.

Two wonderful meals with great company -  perfect evenings out!