Black Marble in Dublin and Oslo

Black Marble returns to Dublin for Epicenter 2010: the second annual Irish Software Show.  This is a great conference on your doorstep, and this year we have …

  • Robert Hogg speaking on SQL Modelling Services (8 June)
  • Steve Spencer on Visual Studio 2010 (8 June)
  • Iain Angus on Application Lifecycle Management (8 June)
  • Robert and Steve are joining forces to expound upon Project Management War Stories (8 June)
  • Robert on Windows Phone 7 (11 June)

A week later, Richard Fennell speaks at the Norwegian Developer’s Conference (NDC2010) in Oslo.  He will be covering:

  • Putting Some Testing Into Your TFS Build (17 June)
  • Making Manual Testing a Part of Your Development Process (17 June)
  • Developing Testable Web Parts for SharePoint (17 June)

We look forward to seeing you at either of these great events!

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