Converting Prism to .Net for Metro Style Apps

I recently converted Prism to work with .Net for Metro Style Apps.

You can get the project on codeplex at 

Its a pragmatic conversion; but keeps most of the existing functionality that you get in Prism 4.1 apart from features that don’t naturally work within Metro (such as reflectively loading modules). I’ve kept the namespaces intact; so its easy to replace with the official Prism framework when it is ready. However, I have renamed the assemblies to avoid any confusion.

It uses a MetroIoC  - (port from microIoc  done by Ian Randall) as the only IOC container I could find to work with Metro style apps.

My aim was :

  • Get a functioning Prism framework to help create a modular Metro App (…and to help convert some desktop apps I’ve created using Prism 4.1)
  • Learn the differences between .Net 4.0 and .Net for Metro Style Apps
  • Learn the pitfalls of moving apps from the Desktop to Metro

I’ll write up a few posts with details of the conversion and a few lessons learnt.

I’ll aggregate in this post and on codeplex at

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