Sample files

CCNet MsTest XSLT Transforms.zipPair of XSLT Transforms for use with CruiseControl .NET to display detailed MSTEST V9.x (Visual Studio 2008) results in the Web Dashboard. Note this Zip contains the same pair of files MSTestSummary.XSLT
FitnesseProofOfConcept.zipThis zip file contains a VS2008 proof of concept solution for running Fitnesse.NET tests via MSTest. The solution contains 3 projects: A very basic WCF service that is the basis of a call tracking system
Smart Device Blog Writer V 1.0.0.zipfirst release of my BlogWriter for Smart Devices which allows you to post new messages to blog servers that uses the MetaBlog API . My aim was to provide a LiveWriter like application for devices like Win6Mobile
Sprint Burndown for TFS2008.zipAddresses problems that the sprint burndown chart is blank in TFS2008 when using eScrum. A modified RDL file that correctly constructs the date values used as measure in the MDX query. Only tested in UK
TFS WebParts Sample V2.1.zipReadme for TFSWebParts This project is based upon ideas from These have been pulled apart and re-worked into a pair of webparts for used...
TFSWebPartsV1.0.zipA pair of WebParts with test harness and source that allow the display of TFS workitems within ASP.NET 2.0 sites
ThreadApplication.zipSample application showing how unhandled exceptions in background threads can be caught and dealt with