Business Process Automation and Integration in the Cloud

Organisations are facing increased, and unprecedented, pressure from the market to transform digitally, and as a result, they need to think how they can become more attractive in their specific market space. The most common area to concentrate on is becoming more efficient, and this can be thought of in discrete parts: streamlining internal, often complex, business processes, making the organisation easier to work with for suppliers or customers, having better cross business views on information, improving service delivery, or saving on manual processing. All these efficiencies are brought to bear by automation, whether this is person to system data sharing, system to system, business to business; the same principles apply but different techniques may be used.

Today most organisations run their business on systems that run across multiple heterogeneous environments. This poses interoperability issues and other such difficulties. To achieve this, businesses need to look to integrating the data solutions to provide easy access to standard data across internal and external systems, layering on top of business process automation.

Business process automation is now an entity will define business processes, and automate them, so they can be run repeatedly and reliably, at a low cost, with a reduction in human error.

Sponsoring DDD 2020

A few weeks back, I wrote about how we aren’t asking for sponsors for our online Developer Day, as there aren’t any significant costs to cover. Instead, we were directing people towards making a donation to The National Museum of Computing, an organisation which does great things for our industry, but has been finding this year challenging. And many thanks to those of you who have already donated.

However, some organisations, who usually sponsor DDD, have been in touch about still sponsoring DDD in some way, as they want to show their support.

Therefore, if an organisation wishes to donate to TNMOC using the link above, we will still count that as sponsorship, and we are delighted for their ongoing support. Please contact for more details.

Thank you again for your support, and hope you can join us at DDD on the 12th December!

DDD Logo
DDD Logo
The National Museum of Computing

DDD Submission Issues

Some people have reported issues submitting sessions for DDD. if you do have a problem, please tweet us a message and we will get in touch


DDD is now live for Session Submission!

I am delighted to announce the DDD site is now live for session submissions! Get in early to make sure you don’t forget. Always a great opportunity to get in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Please do submit, and we would welcome first-timers. The audience is friendly, and so many speakers, that are now on the international circuit got their start at a DDD event. We hope to be able to do something more to support first-time speakers, so let us know if you fall into that category.

Once again DDD is free for all to attend, thanks to some great sponsors – if you would like to be sponsor DDD, please email Every bit of sponsorship helps make this a great event.

Smarter Cities Summit

I am delighted to be joining SixPivot, our amazing Australian partner, in taking part in the Safer Cities Summit in Brisbane this week.  We are launching tuServ, our award-winning policing solution at the event, into the Australian market, as the first step to taken it global!

I’ll be joined by Faith Rees, SixPivot’s CEO, and I am so excited to share with the Australian public sector the transformation that tuServ makes possible inside an organisation. 

The Public Sector Network’s Safer Cities Summit is an Australian based event focused on bringing together key civic safety focussed government stakeholders from around the world to tackle these important challenges. It is tailored towards Australian and international public safety, emergency and disaster response and urban resilience related stakeholders.


DDD (South) is back again


After last year’s successful DDD, it will be in Reading for its thirteenth outing, on Saturday, 23th of June.

Once again DDD is free for all to attend, thanks to some great sponsors – if you would like to be sponsor DDD, please email

As ever I would love to see new speakers and new topics in the DDD line up, so please submit a session, this year for new speakers we will be trying to get support before the event to ensure they are super successful.

Session submission will open soon watch @DeveloperDay for more news

I look forward to seeing you all in June and we will be announcing more DDD dates in the next few weeks


NDC London 2016 (Post 4 Intel Edison )


The Intel Edison unit is great for building IOT, people have been asking where to get the bits and for more general information


I would suggest getting the Arduino kit to get started with. I enjoy the Xadow(below) much more but I struggled to get the Edison updated first time on the Xadow but not the Arduino (but that could have been me).

Intel IOT

Intel Examples

Intel Edison Suppliers ( for reference )


I also showed in my talk the Seed Studio Xadow kit, it comes with a mini screen and sensors

The Xadow kit allows you to build rather nifty devices by plugging modules together which is just superb.



in the UK (for reference)

Active Robitics Stock the Xadow kit



I do not recomend or warranty any suppliers, they are for reference only

Wraps are off – patterns & practices Architecture Track at Future Decoded!

I am delighted to announce that I am hosting the Azure patterns&practices team in a dedicated invite-only track on Day One of Future Decoded!

I’ve been pushing to bring the patterns&practices team to the UK for a few years now, and it’s excellent that it’s finally happening at the Premier UK Microsoft event this November.

We have Christopher Bennage and Masashi Narumoto travelling in from the patterns&practices team in Corp especially for the event.  The p&p team demonstrate how to bring together architecture best practices for the diverse Microsoft technologies into a unified and holistic solution.  They are passionate about discovering, collecting and encouraging best practices, delighting in software craftmanship, helping developers be successful on Microsoft platforms and bringing joy to engineering software!

I know what you’re thinking now, Future Decoded is full, how do I get to attend?  Well, if you’re interested (and if you’re reading this blog it’s safe to say you are!), then get in touch with, for the attention of Linda, and she can help you out with a special code (if there are any left!!) – this code will not only give you access to the excellent p&p track on Day One, but also the Keynotes, so please select Day One when you register!

Driving Windows 10 for Developers using the Keyboard

Key Summary

I have split the key Summary into Essential the essential keys are key combinations you NEED to know and Nice to know. I have left the Win+arrows in the Windows 8 section, while the Windows 10 version is vastly better with snapping, essentially the functionality is the same.

I will be posting later on Cortana and other joys of Windows 10.

Essential Keys (new)

Toggles between the start and the current application if in tablet mode

Starts the start menu if in Desktop

Win + A

Opens the action centre

Win + C
Cortana opens in Listening Mode

Win + S

Win + Ctrl + D
Add a New Virtual Desktop

Win + Ctrl + Left Arrow/Right Arrow

Move between virtual Desktops

Win + Arrow Key

Snaps a window , left, right, maximize, minimize

Win + Tab
(on Windows 8 Displays the current Running Applications, repeated tabs cycle through the Applications)



Essential Keys (Windows 10, Windows 8)


Win + D
Show the Windows Desktop

Win + E
Launch explorer

Win + F
File Search

Win + H
Share Charm Panel

Win + I
Settings ( Current Application, Volume,Wi-Fi and Power )

Win + J
Swaps focus between snapped applications

Win + K
Devices Charm Panel

Win + L
Locks Windows

Win + O
Locks device orientation

Win + P
Projector view switch between single/dual monitor, key pressing P to cycle trough the options

Win + R
Opens the Run Dialog (Run application)

Win + X
Start Menu

Win + Left/Right/Up/Down
Dock the current Desktop windows left/right or maximise/minimize

Win + <number>
Runs the position <number> application on the Task Bar


I hope you find these useful