Positively Impacting your Organisation with Collaborative Working

Collaboration has been and will continue to be one of the important business advantages that the Cloud can deliver to an organisation. Collaboration can be thought of as not just connecting people to one another and improving their day to day working practices, but also enabling and encouraging collaboration between people and data.

Black Marble can support your move to the cloud for collaboration services between people and data. We can help your organisation realise the full potential of people to people collaboration using services such as SharePoint and, in particular for this white paper, Microsoft Teams. Our approach will help you identify how Microsoft’s collaboration solutions can improve your ways of working, whilst helping you visualise your end goal.

Positively Impacting your Organisation with Collaborative Working.
Positively Impacting your Organisation with Collaborative Working.

The Joy of Access

Well the title says it all, a sentence I thought I would never utter but its true, Access is great, specifically Access Services in SharePoint. We have been deep and dirty with Access Services in SharePoint for sometime, before it was announced getting some demo’s built of our planned release products based on SharePoint 2010.

When Andy and I were at the SharePoint 2009 conference and we had a chat with Ryan McMinn and you can see some of it here on Channel9’s The Access Show.

You will find quite a few of the Black Marble guys blogging on Access services over the next year.


Sharepoint 2010

A contingent of the Black Marble staff will be heading to Las Vegas in less than two weeks to attend the Microsoft SharePoint 2009 Conference. if you are going please look us up, I will be presenting on a subject jet to be announced so keep tuned.



I'll be at SPC09

TechED Developers Announcements

I am not at TechED Dev in Orlando ( I am going to IT Pro next week , see me at the BizTalk ATE stand ), but there are some important announcements to cover off.

 Microsoft Project Codename “Velocity” CTP

Velocity” allows high availability to data by integrating Large clusters of machines seamlessly into a single cache, making it easier to develop scalable, high-performance applications. 

Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 v1.2

A new version of Sharepoint extensions to allow developers to use Visual Studio 2008 for Sharepoint dev.

Silverlight 2 beta 2

Available later in the week with a Go Live license, also Expression Blend 2.5 June 2008 Preview and Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2008 should be available at the same time.

More on “Oslo”

“Oslo” will be based on a foundational repository built on SQL Server 2008 for managing application metadata

It will include visual modelling and composition tools and a new, declarative modelling language to enable interoperability of models between tools and domain-specific modelling notations.


woo hoo Oslo