Marketing Speak

I love travelling and going to conferences, seeing friends both new and old. Normally the kind events that I attend are technical , architect and developer focused.

Now and again I bump into the wonder that is Marketing and Sales who take our beloved technology and add their own terminology, very occasionally I end up in an off wall non-technical presentation and sometimes a mix of the two.

I was very happy to attend a session on Eco Computing and implications for Architecture, it was deeply interesting (no really) which I hope will be made more generally available to the public.

Back to the point , Today’s Markety word was “Green Wash” the process by which a company will make a situation look more eco friendly.


MVP summit

I am just back from the MVP summit, this is my second time and interestingly I am attending sessions by both the ever lovely Connected Systems Division and the Architects group. it was great to see friends and colleagues both new and old.

Mike Nash has posted a “I’m a PC with MVP video” taken at the summit , if you look real careful in the first shot of MVP’s you can make out Richard, Rob Miles and myself.


Azure Briefing is coming to Black Marble HQ

The Developer & Platform Group at Microsoft are pleased to announce a series of technical briefings, targeted at ISVs and Start-ups, focused on the cloud based Azure Services Platform (first announced at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles in October 2008).  Black Marble are delighted to host the Bradford leg of this event on 13 February.

This event will cover:

· Windows Azure – The operating system for the Cloud

· .Net and Live Services – Mesh, Service Bus, Access Control and Workflow.

· SQL Data Services and data access

· Next Steps

The briefings will consist of technical discussion, demos and interactive discussion and will focus on what Azure is and how it can be used as a platform for cloud-based development. The sessions will be small, typically less than 30, to keep the flow of conversation going, and are suitable for Technical Decision Makers, Application Architects, Senior Developers and CTOs. There will be time after the event for more detailed ‘one to one’ discussions on any topics related to this session.

13th February 2009, Bradford: Invitation code: 5A219E

Look forward to seeing you there.


Black Marble and Microsoft Architecture in the North

At the start of December Black Marble was very proud to co-host Architecture in the North with Microsoft.

I would like to thank everybody who came and to the great Microsoft speakers who came to educate us all.


Session Decks

Sustainability from Data Centre to the Cloud – Matt Deacon 

Architecture Guidance – Simon Thurman

Making Sense of Windows Azure -Simon Davies

Oslo,Microsoft’s vision for the future of Modelling – Robert Hogg


I will be posting an update of Oslo Resources shortly.

Top tip, we will be announcing an event on Governance shortly, keep an eye on Linda’s blog for details.


Back From a Long Few Weeks of sitting in a flying bus

I am back from a few long weeks away both at the PDC in Los Angles and TechED IT in Barcelona, it was been great fun out at the PDC finally seeing “Oslo” out in the wild but the week at TechED talking to lots of great people about the joy of BizTalk brought me firmly back to reality.

Microsoft has started to put information out about some ground breaking technologies , Azure, Oslo and of course Windows 7. Now I am back and in one place I will be putting time aside to keep a solid set of Oslo information coming your way.

I wanted to share a few final bits from the last few weeks



I saw my good friend Nigel during the week at PDC and it was so nice to catch up with one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

IMG_0994 IMG_0993 IMG_1004

dodging the electro prod wielding event staff took some time to adjust to but after a bit of time we won 😉

seeing chainsaw wielding clowns


and ending up with the Simpsons just made the week a bit strange



The PDC is nearly here

A bunch the pride at the black marble are here ready and waiting for the PDC, we are all registered ( with the less than amazing shopping bag issued, better things to come 😉 ), Robert , James and Richard


look in awe at the future

awe of thinking outside of the box

here’s looking to tomorrow.


ReMix in Colour

Two weeks ago I was delighted to be at ReMix in Brighton. On the last day I was asked to be a Judge in the finals of Speaker Idol. The speakers did a great job in entertaining and informing the attendees , taking there own valuable time at the conference to share more information with others.

One chap presented on RGB to HSL , which is an important topic certainly for me as I spend some of my life doing that same work.

I did promise to add some of my thoughts on RGB and HSL

for an interesting set of projections of RGB onto other colour systems look here

the key item that I thought would be useful in describing the relationship between RGB and HSL is covered here which is the conic projection through the RGB cube


ReMix 2008

I am with a contingent from Black Marble at  REMIX UK in Brighton, if you are here say hello.

Bill Buxtons keynote is both engaging and inspirational, if you are in the land of design I suggest trying to watch it.



TechED 2008 IT in Orlando

I am just back from a week on the BizTalk Stand at TechED IT in Orlando, it was great to have the opportunity to chat to so many great people and to meet other BizTalkers.


I was privileged to meet some great people to name but a few


Mark Beckner author of the classic Apress BizTalk 2006 EDI book.

Todd VanNurden co editor of the legendary BizTalk Hotrod

Clint Huffman Microsoft PFE

Winston Woo

Ofer Ashkenazi , BizTalk Product Manager

Tim Wieman , BizTalk Ranger Team ( cool team name )


and great thanks to Michael Iem (Ziem Group Inc) who made the week go like clockwork.


Ewan Fairweather and Petr Kratochvil  announced the BizTalk Performance Guide , it is an essential read for any BizTalk project.


Despite daily thunderstorms and flying back on Friday the 13th , it was amazing fun , especially the Simpsons Ride @ universal  🙂



Architecture Insight 2008

Matt Deacon (Microsoft) runs a significant set of Architecture events certainly in the UK. Over the last two days several of the Black Marble architects and seniors have been at the Microsoft Insight Conference 2008. There has been a great range of topics split roughly into Infrastructure , Solutions , SaaS and Enterprise. I will update this post with links to available content when it is available.

Burley Kawasaki provided the closing Keynote on The Road to Oslo :), if you missed Burleys talk we will be running a SOA event at Black Marble in the next month or so