BizTalk 2009

Microsoft has just updated it’s BizTalk Roadmap , the key change in the roadmap is the introduction of BizTalk 2009. BizTalk 2009 replaces the planned 2006r3 release. The 2009 release should be with us early in 2009 with some great features including development in Visual Studio 2008 :), I have summarised the features below

Updated Platform – Support for Windows Server 2008  including virtualisation using Hyper-V & SQL Server 2008.

Developer & Team Productivity – Support for Visual Studio 2008 , .Net 3.5 and  improved application lifecycle mgmt support including TFS with integrated source control, bug tracking and MSBuild automation.

B2B Integration – new mobile RFID support, enhanced RFID device support, improved AS2 and EDI support

SOA & Web Services – UDDI v.3 Web Services Registry, new Oracle EBS and SQL LOB adapters, enhanced host system integration (MQ, IMS, DB2, CICS) and a new release of ESB Guidance 2.0 patterns and practices.

Microsoft are committing to release a version approximately every two years, which looks good.

I would expect a CTP or Beta soon.


TechED 2008 IT in Orlando

I am just back from a week on the BizTalk Stand at TechED IT in Orlando, it was great to have the opportunity to chat to so many great people and to meet other BizTalkers.


I was privileged to meet some great people to name but a few


Mark Beckner author of the classic Apress BizTalk 2006 EDI book.

Todd VanNurden co editor of the legendary BizTalk Hotrod

Clint Huffman Microsoft PFE

Winston Woo

Ofer Ashkenazi , BizTalk Product Manager

Tim Wieman , BizTalk Ranger Team ( cool team name )


and great thanks to Michael Iem (Ziem Group Inc) who made the week go like clockwork.


Ewan Fairweather and Petr Kratochvil  announced the BizTalk Performance Guide , it is an essential read for any BizTalk project.


Despite daily thunderstorms and flying back on Friday the 13th , it was amazing fun , especially the Simpsons Ride @ universal  🙂



BizTalk 2006 R2 Management Pack

The BizTalk Server Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 is a management pack for discovery and monitoring of BizTalk Server components and applications. This new management pack includes monitoring for most of the new R2 Features

  • Suspended Message Alerts
  • Alert Suppression Policy
  • Native EDI 
  • BAM Technical Assistance Alerts
  • BizTalk Message Boxes and Hosts
  • Orchestration Failures
  • Service Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Monitoring of various aspects of RFID




Extra announcement on BizTalk 2006 R3

Burley Kawasaki has just announced at the Microsoft Insight 2008 conference that in BizTalk 2006 R3 that Microsoft has Acquired from Covast some of their advanced B2B functionality specifically around  new vertical industries ( details to come ) , this will be a no cost addition to BizTalk 2006 R3.



Architecture Insight 2008

Matt Deacon (Microsoft) runs a significant set of Architecture events certainly in the UK. Over the last two days several of the Black Marble architects and seniors have been at the Microsoft Insight Conference 2008. There has been a great range of topics split roughly into Infrastructure , Solutions , SaaS and Enterprise. I will update this post with links to available content when it is available.

Burley Kawasaki provided the closing Keynote on The Road to Oslo :), if you missed Burleys talk we will be running a SOA event at Black Marble in the next month or so



BizTalk 2006 R3

To coincide with the release of SQL Server 2008 Microsoft plans to release an updated version of BizTalk Server. The update will cover compatibility with Windows Server 2008, .NET Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008 , and SQL Server 2008.  

This allows BizTalk Server users to improve on: scalability for mission-critical workloads, improved support for next-generation web and service oriented applications and improved virtualization support.

The R3 release also includes enhancements for

  • New web service registry capabilities with support for UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration) version 3.0
  • Enhanced service enablement of applications (through new and enhanced adapters for LOB applications, databases, and legacy/host systems)
  • Enhanced service enablement of “edge” devices through BizTalk RFID Mobile
  • Enhanced interoperability and connectivity support for B2B protocols (like SWIFT, EDI, etc)
  • SOA patterns and best practices guidance to assist our customer’s implementations

You should expect to see a CTP of BizTalk Server 2006 R3 later this year (with an RTM planned in H1 CY09).

We will be covering BizTalk 2006 R3 in our BizTalk Event in July ( we will announce this soon ).


I am sitting in on the Oslo Software Design Review

I am currently attending the Microsoft Connected Systems Divisions , Olso Software Design Review and I am looking at the future and it is so bright it hurts, not to mention the amazing talent in the room , Juval Lowy, Sam Gentile, Brian Loesgen, Brian Noyes, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Roman Kiss, Don Box, Chris Anderson , Chris Sells , Alan Smith just to mention a just a few.

I think Brian Loesgen has put it best , It is nice to see we have all been betting on the right horse

all I can say is WOW


Irish Microsoft Technology Conference (IMTC) is over and follow up

Well the IMTC has finished , it was great fun and it was really nice to see so many great presenters presenting on a wide range of great subjects.

I managed to see some of the slots but I was busy preparing for my two sessions.


Overview of Microsoft Live Labs Volta

Well the writing was on the wall as soon as I had finished my 4th perfect run through of slides and demo’s. for some reason my laptop refused ( despite a lot of coaxing ) to duplicate the screen and so I ended up coding over my shoulder onto the large cinema screen making a lot of typo’s. I think the presentation part of Volta went well but the coding demo’s were not great.However the audience were great and very understanding.

I had several post presentation comments , the main one was that I didn’t cover Volta and Silverlight and the other integrations , well the reason for that is I wanted to show the importance of the Architectural Refactoring and how it will impact the future of general application development and so I wasn’t as focusing on all of the integration pieces of Volta, but fair point.

So I am planning to record a rerun and send it to the IMTC guys and hopefully it will get posted so anybody can watch it 🙂

Thanks to everybody who came to the session.


Overview of SOA BizTalk and ESB

With no demo’s 😉 the session seemed to go down quite well. There was a lot to cover in an hour and my views on SOA were not held by all, but again after some post event chats , it was clear that my view was a solid base line to deliver SOA from not the total view. The reason for having a base line view is simply , if you can’t achieve the base line , the rest is not worth worrying about.

One topic that did come up during the ESB talk was that of distribution of applications, I will try and find some time <sigh> to look into this in the near future.


Thanks to everybody who came to the talks and for all of the great feedback


I am No Longer a MVP for Visual Studio Architect :(

But I am now a MVP for BizTalk , Hurrah.

My thanks for the support the VS team has given me in the last year and I look forward to working with the BizTalk chaps and chapettes over the next year even more than I have this year.

Also many thanks to the MVP support team as I know due to the broad areas of the community I work in, can make it hard to place me in the program.