NDC London 2016 (Post 4 Intel Edison )


The Intel Edison unit is great for building IOT, people have been asking where to get the bits and for more general information



I would suggest getting the Arduino kit to get started with. I enjoy the Xadow(below) much more but I struggled to get the Edison updated first time on the Xadow but not the Arduino (but that could have been me).

Intel IOT https://software.intel.com/iot

Intel Examples http://www.instructables.com/id/Intel/

Intel Edison Suppliers ( for reference )


I also showed in my talk the Seed Studio Xadow kit, it comes with a mini screen and sensors

The Xadow kit allows you to build rather nifty devices by plugging modules together which is just superb.




in the UK (for reference)

Active Robitics Stock the Xadow kit http://www.active-robots.com/xadow-wearable-kit-for-intelr-edison



I do not recomend or warranty any suppliers, they are for reference only

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