Driving Windows 10 for Developers using the Keyboard

Key Summary

I have split the key Summary into Essential the essential keys are key combinations you NEED to know and Nice to know. I have left the Win+arrows in the Windows 8 section, while the Windows 10 version is vastly better with snapping, essentially the functionality is the same.

I will be posting later on Cortana and other joys of Windows 10.

Essential Keys (new)

Toggles between the start and the current application if in tablet mode

Starts the start menu if in Desktop

Win + A

Opens the action centre

Win + C
Cortana opens in Listening Mode

Win + S

Win + Ctrl + D
Add a New Virtual Desktop

Win + Ctrl + Left Arrow/Right Arrow

Move between virtual Desktops

Win + Arrow Key

Snaps a window , left, right, maximize, minimize

Win + Tab
(on Windows 8 Displays the current Running Applications, repeated tabs cycle through the Applications)



Essential Keys (Windows 10, Windows 8)


Win + D
Show the Windows Desktop

Win + E
Launch explorer

Win + F
File Search

Win + H
Share Charm Panel

Win + I
Settings ( Current Application, Volume,Wi-Fi and Power )

Win + J
Swaps focus between snapped applications

Win + K
Devices Charm Panel

Win + L
Locks Windows

Win + O
Locks device orientation

Win + P
Projector view switch between single/dual monitor, key pressing P to cycle trough the options

Win + R
Opens the Run Dialog (Run application)

Win + X
Start Menu

Win + Left/Right/Up/Down
Dock the current Desktop windows left/right or maximise/minimize

Win + <number>
Runs the position <number> application on the Task Bar


I hope you find these useful



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