BizTalk General Updates and Updated Resource List


BizTalk 2009 and Adapter Pack 2.0 as recently had some rollup updates

Cumulative Update Package 1 for BizTalk Server 2009 (KB 2429050) contains 60 fixes get it here

Cumulative Update Package 1 for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0  (KB 2444952) contains 11 fixes get it here.

More great news, There is now a poster available for the ESB Toolkit. You can get it here.

for people looking to draw up BizTalk for architecture diagrams, Sandro Pereira has produced a Visio 2010 stencil for BizTalk 2010 get it here

General Resources


BizTalk 2010 ESB toolkit:

Useful Code/Supplementary applications

I recommend highly you look at

BizUnit , a BizTalk testing framework

BizTalk Loadgen

BizTalk Benchmark Wizard

BizTalk Mapper Extensions

a set of functoids for date time/password generation/guid generation and base64 encode/decode

Thanks to Derek @ Storm for the following links

i)a useful wizard I use for creating BizUnit test steps.

ii) a BizTalk custom pipeline component wizard:


BizTalk Performance Optimization Guide

BizTalk Hyper-v Guide

ESB Toolkit core components

BizTalk Operations Guide

Mikes guide to testing


BizTalk Training Kit

the training kit has a section on Operations Management

ESB introduction videos


BizTalk 2010 ESB Architecture Poster

BizTalk 2010 BAM Poster

BizTalk 2010 Poster

BizTalk 2010 Runtime Poster

BizTalk 2010 Scale out poster

BizTalk 2010 DB Infrastructure Poster



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