Mix 11 delivers a slew of interesting updates across the board

across the two keynotes of the 2011 Microsoft have demonstrated and released a

IE10 Preview is now out, it has a nice set of enhanced features (faster etc). more importantly Microsoft are continuing with dev preview and a sensible cadence of 8-12 weeks, get it here

The ASP.NET MVC 3 Tooling Update which contains lots of new features including Modernizr a JavaScript library that delivers auto down grade browser support get it here 

Silverlight 5 Beta is now out, check out its features here get it here also the CHM is available here remember to Service Pack both Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Web before trying out the new tools.

A new version of expression blend for SL 5 is also available here

On Phone 7 and beyond Mango the next version of Windows Phone 7 was formally announced with a great set of new features. A release of Mango is expected in May in emulation form. Hopefully developers will also get access on real hardware earlier to allow development or so tweets from the team suggest.

The new emulator allows screen shots to be taken. There was some anger at reports that mango would not allow access to the gyroscope, which is quite understandable as Windows Phone 7 does not have a gyroscope, however Mango will allow access to a gyroscope if fitted to the phone (new Mango issue Phones).

New features

  • “Multitasking” (fast app switching and file transfer) and Background Agents
  • Phone Integration . The Live Tiles and libraries.
  • Access to the Compass, Gyro(if mango phone), camera and on phone database.
  • IE9 and Silverlight 4
  • Applications can be both XNA and Silverlight (similar to Silverlight5)
  • Access to contacts and calendar
  • Performance tooling


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