The Taste of Coca Cola

I am nearly back up and running after Mix in Vegas, I managed to dislocate my shoulder at the end of the trips (show girls are heavier than they look). During the visit, Lauren and I revisited the Coca Cola shop/bottle on the strip to retry the taste of Coca Cola.

The Winners were:

Inca Cola – Peru

Sunfill Mint – India

Stoney Ginger Beer – Africa

Sunfill Blackcurrent – Mauritius

Nestea Peach – Spain

Kinley Lemon – England ( Laurens taste not mine , more importantly I have never seen Kinley Lemon and I think it is made up for the taste of Coca Cola)

Fanta Kolita – Costa Rica

Smart Apple – China

Lauren also liked Beverly from Italy but hid her delight with fake retching sounds just to keep it to herself.

Remembering that the Casinos are trying to make Vegas a Pepsi town, we remembered to stock up Cherry Coke at Walgreens on the way back.

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