AIC 2009

Black Marble was down at AIC yesterday, not only were we proud to sponsor such an event but we also ran some sessions and breakouts.

Thanks to everybody who attended sessions I was involved in.

For those of you who attended the discussion on Architecting Quality, I thought it was a good session with a set of fairly solid outcomes

i) Good reliable tooling is essential, but it should not be the answer to everything

ii) Communication between people is the biggest problem, again tooling has a part to play in making that easier but people skills are key

iii) Don’t just plan to drive quality for a fixed process start to end , make sure that you can revisit and change earlier assumptions and then move forward again.

I was really happy to see so many people attend my Oslo overview session, I offered to add some slides with notes in and that should be up early next week. After the session I managed to chat to quite a few delegates and I realised that I was talking more about the potential of Oslo in the future, rather than what it can do now. I think that this comes from the general point that asking the question ‘what is Oslo’ produces the answer of ‘a framework’ and people aren’t great at understanding a framework without some initial concrete examples. After a few examples people begin to broaden their scope and work out new scenarios themselves. So once I have some videos sorted I have offered to write up usage scenarios for Oslo as well.

As promised in my Oslo Session and my demo, I will be recording the demo, to make the process faster I will be putting up the demo in parts.

Again apologies for the VPC failure during the Quadrant demo, I will have a video up soon of that demo.

I also had the chance to catch up with Charles Young who I hadn’t seen for a while, which was great.

I really enjoyed AIC despite being fairly unwell, but the downside is that I seem to come away with more work than when I started.

And finally a big thanks to Matt Deacon and the AIC crowd for producing a really good day ( with great guacamole :))



I recommend a look at Hatay’s Session on the AIC site, until then check out his video on Channel 9

I maintain a set of up to date list of useful links for Oslo Here

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