Korea (Imagine Cup) Day 0

I am in Korea with the UK Imagine Cup team and I thought a small picture journey would help

here is the team with a rangy stranger in Paris CDG


in Seoul Airport mmmm Noodles


What says Oriental efficiency more than a ride on Mop 🙂


the chaps on our transport bus ( Luxury ), Jim seems to be having some tummy trouble.


the trip in was a bit gloomy but SEOUL is HUGE


the first Imagine cup signs


Once we were all in , we had the choice of sleeping after set up or going into town, so the obvious choice was for a group of us , all without a single word of Korean , no local currency but blind faith in that a High Tech shop was nearby , all hoped on a bus to the bemusement of the driver and resulted in


TechnoMart , 10 floors of High tech goodies


this place was stunning , however after one or two identical stalls of high tech , the next 200 hundred paled. however I was thinking of a 52″ LCD but now 63″ is the minimum. Another strange note that Samsung seems to brand as LDVV here !

also TechNoMart has dancing Ladies to direct traffic into the store !



in a stroke of good luck we managed to make it back.

the rest of the day was NOT made up of donut induced last minute coding



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