Korea (Imagine Cup) Day 0 – Addenda

There small set of minor interesting points have happened today so there they are in no order

Coke but not as we know it

CokeK 004

the cans are smaller ( 250Ml ) which is just wrong. Taste is well odd, but nice.

General consumption of personal body weights in coke has continued. 

One of the nice finds is Grape Fanta – YUM

The W has a rather spiffy wooden mirror ( a camera controlled set of rotating wooden blocks ).

 Wooden Mirror

I wonder if I can get Richard to buy one for the office

One of the nice features of the hotel is the concern for My Safety. if I have to run through the building while it is on fire , a safety hood is provided

Escape 1

which is nice , but that is not all , if I have to go out through the window ( of my 11th floor room )


they supply harness and winch. 11 floors , surely we could have had mini-paragliders and the escape would look more James Bond-esc. 


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