Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009: Day 3

A few more highlights from the sessions I saw:

  • The new taxonomy services in SharePoint 2010 look superb. The ability to be able to centrally define terms for use by the end users, along with allowing both open (i.e. read-write to the end user) and closed (i.e. read-only to the end user) term stores looks very promising indeed.
  • Some more of the new features of SharePoint Designer 2010 were demonstrated, including the ability to highlight those sections of a masterpage which when edited would cause the page to become unghosted.  The more I see of the new version of SharePoint Designer, the more I like it!
  • The ability to extract data from Excel workbooks using Excel Services, Web Services, JavaScript OM and REST looks very interesting.
  • Some really interesting things can be done within SharePoint 2010 using jQuery – Dustin Miller showed some simple but extremely useful ideas, some of which I’m now longing to have a play with.

All in all, a very useful 3rd day!

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009: Day 2

A few highlights from today’s talks:

  • With SharePoint 2010, we no longer have a Shared Service Provider (SSP), instead we now have service application instead. All of the applications benefit from an internal load balancing scheme (fault tolerant round robin load balancing), meaning that as long as you start a service application on more than one server, you’re better protected from failure.  Oh, and yes, that goes for indexing as well!
  • The Service Application framework is extensible; this means you can write your own services to be hosted by SharePoint. These will, in turn, benefit from the internal load balancing scheme mentioned above.  Yes, you can also use a hardware load balancer and from what I gathered, even write your own load balancer!
  • All of your Service Application management can be done from PowerShell – if you don’t know PowerShell, now is going to be a very good time to learn…  If you want to have a look at the available applets, try the following in PowerShell:
    this will return the list of available commandlets.
  • You will be able to add delegated administrators for specific Service Applications. These delegated administrators will have their view of the Central Administration site trimmed to only those items they should see.
  • Claims based auth looks very interesting, and can be extended to allow 3rd party applications to provide additional claims.
  • SharePoint Designer 2010 rocks!

Microsoft SharePoint conference 2009: Day 1

I’m attending the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas – it’s been an interesting first day with some notable announcements:

  • A public beta of SharePoint 2010 will be available in November, with RTM in H1 2010.
  • The new version of SharePoint Designer for SharePoint 2010 will be a free download.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 is the next version of what was called Windows SharePoint Services in version 3.0.
  • SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint (with a version for Excel as well) has been announced.  This was called project Gemini in previous demonstration I’ve seen and allows the manipulation of hundreds of millions of rows of data in real time. No, that number of rows is not a typo.