Changing the interface mode of a StarTech InfoSafe 4-bay external hard drive enclosure

We’ve seen a couple of issues with a StarTech InfoSave 4-bay external hard drive enclosure (model SAT3540U2E) when trying to change the connection mode from USB to eSATA. Specifically, when following the instructions (which appear to state for example that when an eSATA connection is detected, the eSATA LED will light) to change the connection mode, pressing the interface button appeared to do absolutely nothing…

A quick live chat with one of StarTech’s support engineers provided the answer, which is to push and hold the interface button to change between USB and eSATA connections and vice-versa.

To summarise our findings so far:

  • The default connection interface seems to be USB. Plugging the device into a computer using a USB cable allows the disks to be seen immediately.
  • Plugging in the device using a eSATA cable does not result in the eSATA LED lighting.
  • Pushing and holding the interface button for a couple of seconds allows the interface connection to be changed from USB to eSATA and back again.
  • Plugging the device in using an eSATA cable without plugging in a USB cable does not automatically switch to using the eSATA interface.
  • The sync button works in the same way as the interface button, i.e. push and hold for a couple of seconds to change the mode.

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