Updating my ML115 G5

I have an HP ML115 G5 acting as a Home Server which started showing disk related issues as the disks approached being full. Following a tip from Rik, I updated the BIOS to the latest version available from the HP site. While this seems to have fixed the disk related issues, updating the BIOS seemed to cause some BMC related issues; the fans in the system would spin up to full speed when the system was started, but then instead of returning to their normal whisper quiet speed for normal operation, they stayed running at full speed even after the OS had booted.

Following a bit of research, it appears that even if the lights-out 100 remote management card is not installed in the ML100 series servers, the firmware for the card actually runs on the system board and hence needs an update as well. Installing the latest version of the management firmware available on the HP site fixed the fan speed issue and my Home Server has returned to its normal unobtrusive self.

It seems a little odd that HP doesn’t mention that the firmware update is needed at the same time as the BIOS update, I’m sure that it would save a lot of support calls if they mentioned it!

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